When producing our porch awnings, we incorporate the same quality materials that can be found on our collection of full awnings. The demands of today’s and tomorrow’s campers are at the forefront of our innovation and design process, while maintaining our passion to enhance space and create an extra dimension to the joy of camping.

‘Which porch awning will fit my caravan?’

This is a common question that we are regularly asked. Our porch awnings are designed to fit along the straight horizontal section of the awning rail on your caravan (measurement A). The measurement from the ground to the awning rail, at the top of your caravan, should be 235cm to 250cm (measurement B).
Which porch awning will fitt my caravan
We provide the floor size measurement and the roof width measurement for all of our porch awnings. These measurements will determine whether the sides of the porch awning are sloping or 90 degrees vertical. There are other factors which you may want to consider, for example, the location of vents, lockers, windows, etc. With this information you will be able to make the right choice on the porch awning that best suits your requirements